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It’s been a long time since we last posted – and that’s because our previous web host actually lost the entire blogs data (yeah, for real), so we are going to have to re-launch the site from scratch. However, as we were prepare to restore the old content, and of course add new content fully of full of funny pictures, videos, weird news, etc, we realized that YOU probably know of some amazing stuff, too – and so we decided to let you upload your own funny / crazy / awe-inspiring / cool pictures too!.

We here at absurdness.com thank you for any funny pictures, jokes, news, videos, or images you submit – we just ask that you please make sure to reference the source of the original content if it is not yours.  Help us build an absurdly better world!  And don’t forget to vote the the funny pics, etc, that you like the most by clicking the little heart icons!

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