Watch Charlie Sheen’s 20/20 interview!

What? You say you missed the interview heard round the world??

No need to worry – if you missed the live broadcast of ABC’s 20/20 Charlie Sheen interview, we at have got you’re back! Winning!

Here, in his full tiger blood Adonis DNA glory, we present you Charlie Sheen in his own words:

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It’s been a long time since we last posted – and that’s because our previous web host actually lost the entire blogs data so we were going to have to re-launch from scratch on our new, awesome and stable web host, However, as we were getting ready to create a new absurdness full of funny pictures, videos, weird news, etc, well, Charlie Sheen up and went batshit crazy.

We here at thank you, Charlie Sheen, for if ever there was more appropriate content for a site entitled “absurdness” than Charlie Sheen rants, videos, and tiger blood, well, then that must mean the man really does have Adonis DNA. Thanks to you, Charlie, we are #winning!

As such, is now your comprehensive resource for all things Charlie Sheen. We have every crazy Charlie Sheen quote there is, Charlie Sheen videos, interviews, jokes, parodies, Charlie Sheen songs, funny tweets, Charlie Sheen t-shirts and more! is updated multiple times per day, and the individual posts are updated regularly to add new Charlie Sheen quotes, etc. as they occur so check back often and be sure to share with your friends!

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